Career Maintenance

There are few Golden Rules of Corporate and they are very simple . You have to Grow and You have to Perform . If you get a 30% hike this year , that does not mean you can relax . This simply means you have to work harder so that you can get a 30% hike over the 30% hike that you have received . There is no going back . There is no point , where in you can say , Ok I don’t need a hike this year and i will Relax .

You will either be a performer and get another Award or you will be out of the Race . So I might sound a little negative but as you go up the ladder it’s either 30% hike or its Zero .

Then How do you solve this problem ?

While you are working to achieve your Target Technology is changing , the entire infrastructure is getting upgraded . So while you may reach your target by following orthodox methodology or the techniques that worked for you last year , but it might not work this year.

So as the Problem is simple the Solution is also Simple . It’s just a matter of practice and you can easily get it . Its just a matter of actually using those 8 hours of Office. What you need to do is just Cut Down the Gossip Time , Tea & Coffee Time , and doing some unnecessary stuff just because you have been doing . You have to Follow the Famous Pareto 80:20 Principle i.e. Every Day out of 8 hrs you will give around 1 to 2 hrs for your personal growth . You need to identify the tools & technique that is going to help in achieving your Target this year or next , Align your Energy and start learning the  new stuff. If you want help in identifying what is the latest tool or technique that you should invest your time in  ,feel free to write to us at .

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  1. If you think you are working in some legacy application and is in the danger of getting outdated .
  2. If you are really Tired planning to learn from free You Tube videos or low cost Online  technical Videos and by the time you actually watch one or two , your best friend has already shifted to the newly formed team.
  3. If you would like to have an Experienced Professional take you through the subject matter and get you market ready .
  4. Also If You have a good Communication skill and was doing great @ office but had to take a career break and now would love to pursue your expertise domain from the ease of your home feel free to reach out to us 

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