If you are looking to get your workforce trained on Looker – the Business Intelligence ( BI ) & Data Analytics Platform for the enterprise reach out to us at info@instrovate.com or call / whatsapp us at +91 74289 52788  .

In order to get the List of Sample Looker Dashboard that we cover during our Corporate Training based on the Business Module that you are targeting email at info@instrovate.com from your official email id and let us know the Module that you want training.
Other Salient Features of the Looker BI Corporate Training we conduct :
  • Looker BI Look & Dashboard Design & Development specific to Module i.e. If you are into logistics you get to create a Look & Dashboard , if you are in Supply Chain – Supply Chain Look & Dashboard , Finance – Finance Look & Dashboard , Sales – Sales Look & Dashboard Report , Services – Services  Look & Dashboard Report and so on. 
  • Pre- Assessment and Post- Assessment of each participants along with the Data Set and Questionnaires for the assessment and individual feedback for improvement.
  •  Quick Handy booklet on important concepts of Looker to each participant.
  • Course Completion Certificate from Instrovate Technologies to each participant.

Looker – Enterprise Business Intelligence ( BI ) and Data Analytics Platform has a in-database architecture that helps you to move from high level reports , dashboard & visualization to the finer details making use of your favorite SQL  . It helps you create your Single Source of Truth and work on the Complete curated Data Set rather that data in silos . Since it also gives you the flexibility to use SQL , even your Business Analyst can perform analytics and find insights out of your data . Learn this great Tool today . Take Helps from our Data Visualization & Data Analytics Consultant that can guide you through this journey.

To get a Specific Course Contact Tailored for your Corporate Training requirement please feel free to shoot an email at info@Instrovate.com from your office email id or WhatsApp at  +91 74289 52788 to know more .

The Objective of the Looker Corporate Training Is to Learn by Actual Hands on How to find valuable knowledge and actionable insights from the given data set .

The Training includes How to create Views , Explore , Model & Project using Looker . It also covers an in depth understanding of the Look ML – the modelling language from Looker .

It covers both – How to analyze a Looker Dashboard from Business Analyst perspective as well as how to use Looker in Development Mode – use github to make changes to your LookML code , Snowflake Schema , Connecting to Google Big Query , Understanding your Database Model and create modelling using LookML etc.