Start Time

12:00 am

Thursday, December 10, 2020

End Time

12:00 am

Friday, December 11, 2020


Birmingham, UK


Pentaho BI-BA Course Content


  1. Pentaho BI Server Setup
  2. Database Connection
  3. Detail Understanding of Pentaho User Console
  4. Changes with Login Screen
  5. DataSource Panel  (Community Dashboard Access)
    1.    sqljndi connection
    2.    sqljdbc connections
    3.    MDX/Saiku Connection
    4.    Query Writing
    5.    wizard Component
    6.    CDA Component
  6. Components Panel
    1.     Chart Component (Area,Bar,Line,Stacked Bar,Pie,Donuts,Bar-Line,etc..)
    2.     Use of Different Chart Properties
    3.     Others Component (Button Component,Comment Component,Query Component,Table Component,etc..)
    4.     Generic Component (Date Parameter,Custom Parameter,Simple Parameter)
    5.     Select Component (Date Component,Date Range Component,Multiselect Component,etc..)
    6.     Map Component (data point on pentaho map)
  7. Layout Panel
    1.    Understanding of Layout Panel (How to Create a Panel)
    2.    Create Layout as per different devices.


  1. User prompt/passing parameters from one component to another and from one page to another.
  2. Publish dashboards/User level data access.
  3. Implement drill down and drill through in dashboard.
  4. Dashboard UI designing along with resolution for multiple screen(Bootstrap layout creation).
  5. Pentaho level performance tuning/best practices.
  6. BI server Admin create user/roles/mail configuration
  7. Add extension points/JavaScript/Pre&Post change events to CDE charts.
  8.    Dashboard Examples:
  9.    Display top and bottom 10 records.
    1. Display stacked bar chart along with lines for previous year values.
    2. Donuts/Gauge diff color and dimension for + and – values.
    3. Display data point on pentaho map.


  1. PSW Setup
  2. What is Schema,Cube
  3. Virtual Cube
  4. Properties of Different Level
  5. create hierarchies
  6. calculated measures
  7. aggregate tables
  8. Sample Cube
  9. Publish Cube into Pentaho BI Server/Saiku
  10. performance tuning



  1. Overview and Usage of Saiku Analytics
  2. Cubes:
  3. All types of calculated measures.
  4. Add dimension table column as measure in cube.
  5. Two or more levels coming from different dimension tables under one hierarchy.
  6. MDX:
    1. Get top and bottom records.
    2. Date formating.
    3. Add parameters.
    4. Pentaho BI Server Cloud Setup
    5. How to integrate Flex monster in Pentaho(Alternative of Saiku) which a lot of companies use nowadays.