In the current world Data Analytics is playing a very crucial role in the growth of all business. Most of the Business have curated & collected large volume of data but they are not able to make the best out of it.  Data tends to remain silent in Silos . 

One of the biggest reason for this is still many organization views Data Analytics as an IT role. They tend to forget that the organization can truly reap the benefit of Data Analytics for the growth of business only when even the last person in the company can use Data to his advantage for the role he is performing.  Business needs to be run on Data & Insights rather than intuition and guess work . For this it is every important that everyone in the company should be able to understand Data and derive meaningful insights out of it.

This calls for Data Democratization and Self-Service Business Intelligence.

Now, the best part is we also have the presence of the next gen tools that can enable even the end users to perform these analytics provide the employees have got proper training and are able to use these tool for their benefits.

Instrovate Technologies regularly conduct training at Corporate and Enterprises that we like to call as “Data Democratization Corporate Training” and This training primarily focuses on letting everyone Know

  1. Importance of Asking the Right Questions
  2. Importance of Looking for the Right Data
  3. Importance of Understanding How Decisions based on Data Analytics is much better for organization than Decisions based on Guess Work, Intuition or Seniority.
  4. Importance of getting acquainted with the Self Service Business Intelligence Tools
  5. Letting Go the Fear of a New Technology and making them aware How these Tools can make their life better
  6. Change Management
  7. Information Sharing across the organization

Instrovate Technologies have been conducting similar training at many Fortune 500 companies to Start Up’s to Public Sector Companies and we have seen the benefit that it brings .

Companies that have adopted Data Driven Organization has come to the understanding that It is just not a Philosophy but it’s a culture shift and with the vast amount of Data that has been collected with the immense business Insights just lying hidden in it , it is of the utmost importance that even the last person in the company need to start using the Power of Analytics .

For this we have to follow the below approach

  1. It has to start with a very simple understanding that There is “Nothing Technical about it” . Many product offerings from most of the vendors have made it so simple that the use of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) insight , Business Intelligence ( BI ) , Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Cognitive Intelligence (CI ) on your data to get insight has become really simple if you use the right tool in the correct way .
  2. Secondly the appreciation and knowing that “It’s all Technical” and there are Data Architect , Data Scientist’s & Data Engineers who are working on it , help you to be a “Data User” whose job is to convert Data into Insights.

So It’s very important to understand the Optimum Role and Optimum Responsibility of an individual in a Data Driven Organization . The other big challenge in a Corporate Set up is a “No Sharing Culture” .

As we call it as the “Run away with the First Golden Egg” Syndrome , the moment one learn a new skill set or a new  tool , in many organizations who are still maturing on this path or have not invested properly in training and educating their employees , People tend to run away with the First small benefit that they are able to see . They tend to forget that the benefit they are seeing is the Tip of an Ice Berg . The More they are on this journey the more benefit they will be able to reap. The More they share , the more they learn on a daily basis and they are going to keep getting these Golden Eggs on a Daily Basis .

If you are an Organization looking to move ahead on the Data Driven Path and want to implement Data Democratization and would like to arrange a Self Service Business Intelligence Tools Essential Training , Please reach out to us at or  whatsapp at +91 74289 52788 / +91 9953805788 .

We will get back to you at the earliest and we can discuss on the steps further . The Simple Steps to get started is as below :

  1. Our Consultant / Expert will have a meeting with Your Leadership Team to understand the expectation.
  2. Our Consultant / Expert will understand the Technical Stack that is being followed
  3. We will provide a Training Recommendation for the both Technical as well as General Awareness of Data Driven Organization in general

If you want to get started  reach out to us now at or  whatsapp at +91 74289 52788 / +91 9953805788 .

The Objective of the Data Democratization Corporate Training Is to Learn by Actual Hands on Self Service Business Intelligence tools and learn How to find valuable knowledge and actionable insights out of it from the data inputs that you have been working since many years .

This focuses on spreading the awareness of Data Driven Organization and use the Power of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Business Intelligence ( BI ) & Cognitive Intelligence ( CI ) to make their day to day decisions. The participants get trained on the different Technical Jargon and understand how to use Descriptive , Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics to grow business.

If you want to get started  reach out to us now at or  whatsapp at +91 74289 52788 / +91 9953805788 .