Mastering Snowflake – Start from Basic to Advanced level – Weekend 3 Hrs Per Day Online Course

It’s a Total of 6 Sessions of 3 Hrs Duration .

5 Sessions to cover the course content and 1 extra session for any question answer , any specific doubt , Interview Q&A and to provide Assignment .

The assignment needs to be completed individually by the participant within the next 10 days and thereafter a review session will be conducted for assignment review. 


The first 3 day course covers the fundamental concepts, design considerations, and best for  Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. This course provides Snowflake concepts & hands on expertise to help get you started on implementing solutions using Snowflake. The course will consist of lecture, demos, and labs on a wide range of foundational topics.

The next 2 day course expands to advanced and complex topics like connectors, Usage and Billing, security and admin features. Provides Deep dives into snowflake SQL concepts and commands. The course will consist of lecture, demos, and labs on a wide range of topics.

This course concludes with Hands on Project using Snowflake.


Anyone who in interested in understanding cloud warehouse and mastering skills on SNOWFLAKE with hands on labs should opt for this course.

Previous Data Warehouse knowledge is required.

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Database Architects
  • Database Administrators


DAY 1 : ( 3 Hrs Per Day )

Introduction to Cloud data warehouse and Snowflake:                               DURATION : 1 hr

  • Understanding Cloud data warehouse
  • Snowflake:  History & Popularity
  • Architecture  : Data Storage , Processing and cloud services
  • Supported cloud platforms

Getting started with Snowflake:                                                                        DURATION : 1hr 15mins

  • Understanding each component Snowflake web interface
  • Key concepts for using Snowflake and Data Warehouse
  • Setting up your trial account
  • Hands On: creating first Database, tables and running query

Virtual Warehouse :                                                               DURATION : 30 mins

  • Overview of virtual warehouses
  • Creating virtual warehouse
  • Optimizing Warehouse: resizing vs multi clustering

QUIZ and Q&A Session                                                                                       DURATION : 15 mins

DAY 2: ( 3 Hrs Per Day )

Loading data to Snowflake :                                                                              DURATION : 3 hrs        

  • Key concepts related to data loading : Data File, File Formats, Copy command, Data Stage
  • Loading using Web interface
  • Bulk loading using COPY ( Demo using snowflake connector)
  • Loading continuously using Snowpipe
  • ETL

DAY 3: ( 3 Hrs Per Day )

Unloading Data from Snowflake:                                         DURATION : 2hrs

  • Key concepts related to data unloading : Data File, File Formats, Copy command, Data Stage
  • Unloading into stage, S3 and other platforms

Time Travel, Failsafe & Zero Copy Clones                                DURATION : 1:45 hr

Quiz and Q&A session                                                                                             DURATION : 15mins        

DAY 4: ( 3 Hrs Per Day )

Data Sharing Snowflake:                                                          DURATION : 1 hr

Snowflake Access Management                                                        DURATION : 1 hr                

  • Role Hierarchy in snowflake
  • Snowflake usage and billing
  • Snowflake credits
  • Unsertadning warehouse, storage and cloud service usage
  • Understanding data transfer billing

SNOWFLAKE SQL : DDL and DML Commands                                                    DURATION : 45 mins

Quiz and Q&A session                                                                                             DURATION : 15mins

DAY 5: ( 3 Hrs Per Day )

Snowflake SQL : contd                                                                                              DURATION: 2 HRS 30 MINS

  • String and Date functions                                 
  • Sub queries
  • Analytical Function

Hands ON Demo on Project                                                                                DURATION: 30 MINS