Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Services & ML Integration with Power BI

Course Content – Microsoft Power BI

Day 1

Introduction to Power Bi as a Self-Service BI Solution

  • Introduction to data analytics & data visualization
  • Introduction for Power BI
  • Product of Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop Installation

Data Discovery & Query Editor

  • Getting Started with Power BI Desktop
  • Connect to Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
  • Importing Excel files into Power BI
  • Clean and Transform your data with the Query Editor
  • More Advanced Data Source and Transformation
    • Add, Delete Column/Rows
  •  Basic Transformation
  •  Modify Data types for fields
  •  Appending and Merging Queries
  •  Combine files
  •  Adding Custom Column
  •  Cleaning Irregularly Formatted Data


Visualizations (working with De-normalized Data set)

  • Create and Customize Simple Visualizations
  • Best practice for good visualization and Dashboard.
  • How to use combination charts
  • Create and format slicers
  • How to use Map Visualizations
  • How to use Tables and Matrices
  • Working with Dates in Power BI
  • How to use Scatter Charts
  • Drill Through Functionality

**Create Report: Sales Analysis Report


Data Modelling – Relationship (Star & Snowflakes Schema)

  • Introduction to Normalization and Denormalization
  • Introduction to Fact & Dim Tables
  • Introduction to data Modelling
  • How to Manage Your Data Relationships
  • Cardinality
  • Filtering
  • Active In- active Relationship
  • Star Schema & Snow Flakes Schema


Day 2

 Introduction to DAX

Review of Data Model and Relationship from Day 1

Introduction to DAX

DAX Functions

  • Logical functions
  • Information functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Text functions
  • Date and time functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Create Measures, Calculated Columns
  • Difference between Calculated Column and Measures
  • Implicit and Explicit measures


Visualization using Data Model & Derived Columns created using DAX

  • How to use Waterfall and Funnel Charts
  • How to use Gauges and Single Number Cards
  • How to modify colours in charts and visuals
  • Style your Reports with Shapes, Text Boxes and Images
  • Page Layout and Formatting
  • Duplicate a page report
  • Show categories with No Data
  • Custom Report Themes
  • Selection Pane,
  • Bookmarks & Buttons
  • Manage Roles


Other Features of Power BI Desktop

  • Filter
  • Visual filters
  • Page level filters
  • Drill through filters
  • Report level filters
  • Grouping and creating Bin
  • Forecast /Constant Lines
  • Field and Conditional formatting
  • Interaction between Visualizations

Custom Visualizations

  • Use Customize Visuals in Power BI Desktop to improve the Reports Design
  • **Create Report: Revenue Category Drilldown & Forecast Report (Interaction between multiple Reports)


Day 3

**Revising Concepts Learn During Day 1 & 2 and Building on Use Cases around them

 Advance Analysis & Visualizations

  • Top N Customer Analysis
  • Parameters
  • Animation in Power BI
  • Handel Null in Power BI
  • Web scrapping in Power BI
  • Rolling Calendar & Dates Rolling Concepts in Power BI

**Create Report: Executive Quarterly Profit Analysis


Connecting Power Bi to Servers

  •  Connect Power BI to SQL Server
  • Work with Direct and Import Query
  • Advantages of working with Direct Query
  • Limitations of working with Direct Query

Connecting Power Bi with R

  • Install R & R Studio
  • Integrating Power Bi to R
  • Create Power BI visuals using R

Day 4 

Power BI Services & Dataflow, Cognitive Services & Machine Learning in Power BI Services

Connecting to the Power BI Service

  • Publishing a Report to the Power BI Service
  • Direct Connectivity from the Power BI Service
  • Refreshing Data
  • User Roles and Permissions in Power BI Services

The Power BI Service Interface

  • Power Bi Services Interface
  • My Workspace
  • Creating a Workspace
  • Report Edit Mode


  • Dashboard Foundations
  • Dashboards vs. Reports
  • Building Dashboards
  • Editing a Dashboard
  • Filtering a Tile


Working the Power BI Service

  • Reports
  • Exporting Reports and Data
  • Workbooks
  • Datasets
  • Apps
  • Sharing Reports and Dashboards
  • Q&A
  • Featured Questions
  • Paginated Reports in Power BI Service
  • Template Apps


  • Power BI Administration
  • Admin Portal

 Gateways, Refresh & Data flows in Power BI

  • Understanding Gateways in Power BI Services
  • Setting up a Personal Gateway
  • Enabling Schedule Refresh from Power Bi Services
  • Setting up Enterprise Gateway in Power BI Services
  • Understanding a Data flow
  • Creating a Data Flow
  • Creating Data Driven Alerts in Power BI Services
  • Adding a Personal Bookmark in Power BI Services

Power BI Mobile

  • The App
  • To Set Up Your Smartphone Layout
  • Power BI Mobile Features and Limitations


 Machine Learning Integration in Power BI 

  • How to Create Machine learning models in Power BI Services
  • Integrating Machine Learning model in Power BI for predictions on your data
  • Use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services in Power BI Services
  • Integrating Azure Cognitive Services for sentimental analysis, key phrase extractor & image tagging in data set in power bi desktop & Services and using it in visualization
  • Create Machine Learning Model in azure Machine Learning studio
  • Deploying ML Studio model as a Web service and calling this ML model in Power BI services for making predictions.