Custom Visual – beyondsoft calendar in Microsoft Power BI

Load a sample file in Power BI desktop.

Go to Edit query > select Order Date field

Add new column by selecting Month name from Date option:

Month column added.

Open Import from marketplace:

Select Beyondsoft Calendar Custom Visual:

Select Order date and Sales field for visualization:

It is displaying 1st month Sale result by default on calendar visualization.

Format visualization.

Increase font size for Calendar format option and select data colour for measure i.e. Sales in this case. Select Gradient for type and set red colour for minimum, Green colour for maximum and grey colour for no records.

If we want to see result for different month or year, we need to put slicer for same.

I have created two slicer one for month name and one for year:

We can select any value from slicers and beyondsoft calendar will displays respective result.

Select Quantity field for Tooltip: