Infographic Designer in Microsoft Power BI

An Infographic is the representation of information in a graphic form to explain data more easily and quickly.

In order to start with Infographic graph lets first enter data manually i.e. One column for Gender and second one is for AnnualIncome.

Enter data manually:

Now import Infographic Graph from marketplace for Microsoft site:

Select Infographic Designer custom visual:

We can see a new visualization in visualization pane.

Select Infographic Designer viz. and select fields from table > we can see an Edit mark is present for this visualization

Click on Edit mark option > it will open a new window for design:

Select first option for Shapes:

Lots of options are present for different shapes > For Food & Drink:

For People:

In our data set we have one field for gender, let’s use that field to explain infographics.

Select Man shape:

Click on Data Binding link > Select Gender field and select Man for Male field and Woman for Female field:

Click on Apply

It will turn Data Binding On.

Makes changes for following options:

Select data binding for Value color field: select different color for both options>

Now we will select to enter text values:

Select Data-Binding for Text:

Select Annual Income for Data-Binding > Apply

Make some format changes for text value:

Select Layout option to set position for text value:

We can change text value changing values for Layout:

We can upload image from Insert Image option:

In drop down we have whole list for used designs:


We can delete any selected shapes by using delete option

For exit from edit option select cross sign from Mark Designer window: 

Our Infographic visualization is complete.

Create a Bar chart for same fields > select Male from bar chart > we can see our visualizations are interactive with each other.