GIT CHEATSHEET – Quick Guide for Git Commands

Git Commands


Git branch “branch_name”

Creates a Branch

Git branch –D “branch_name”

Deletes a branch

Git checkout “branch_name”

Switch to a branch

Git branch –all

Show all branches

git checkout –

Switch to previous branch

Git add .

Add files to the local index(staging area)

Git commit –m “Commit message”

Commit message and files

git reset –hard master

git reset –hard head^

git reset –hard head~25

Moves a branch from current position to master

^ caret basically means a back step

~25 tilde means 25 steps back

Git restore –staged “file_name”

Git restore  “file_name”

to unstage files from staged area

Discard changes in working directory

Git checkout — “file_name”

Completely threw away any modifications

Git stash

record the current state of the working dir & want to switch to clean dir

Git commit –am “add and commit message”

Add to stage & commit message together

Git checkout “target_branch”

Git merge “source_branch”

Merge source branch to target branch

git checkout HEAD^

‘detached HEAD’ state

git branch “branch_name” “commit_number”

Create branch with detached state & new changes

git log –oneline –graph –decorate –all

Display history of all branches

git cherry-pick edf6319

fixed a bug in a branch, and then apply the same fix on top of another branch

git pull origin master =

[  git fetch

   git status

   git merge origin master ]

Git pull = git fetch + git merge

git push -u origin “branch_name”

Pushing a new branch to the remote

git config –global alias.unstage ‘reset HEAD –‘

git unstage “File_Name”