How to add a Button in Tableau Dashboard

Adding a button on a Tableau dashboard for easy navigation of end users always chances the attention. Though button is a feature that has been added in the version 2018 and above but, because I still come across users of older versions of Tableau, I thought of telling you this approach so that you can easily add a button on your Tableau Dashboard no matter what version you are working with.

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For this Use Case I’m going to add a Back button on a Linking Dashboard that I had designed earlier. Just to give you a bit of idea I had a KPI Dashboard which was showing us the Sales of the company and when we clicked on the Sales figure; it landed us to a Sales Dashboard which have us a clear idea about the Sales per State, The Category and the Sub Category that we are selling in a particular State and the TOP 10 Products that we are selling in that particular State.

Now, moving ahead this is what I want:

I want to have a button on the Sales Dashboard so that it provides an easy navigation to the end user from this dashboard to the KPI dashboard.

 So, let’s start:

Step – 1:

Click on the Mark card drop down to get the Shape shelf.

Once done, drag Number of Records (Auto generated fields) in the Shapes shelf. You will start seeing a Blue circle on the sheet like below:

Step – 2:

Click on Shapes shelf and this will give you an Edit Shape dialogue box. Just next to Default option you will notice a drop down. Expand this to choose an appropriate shape for you. I have selected back arrows.

Select on the value on the left (9994), then pick up the shape of your choice. Then click Apply and Ok.

Step – 3:

Now, you start seeing the image (button) on the sheet; but it is very small. So, go to Size shelf and increase the size of the button.

Step – 4:

Go to Tooltip and click on it to get the Edit Tooltip dialogue box. I have made appropriate changes here (This is just my step so that the end user knows why I have added a button).

Now, the Button is ready. It’s time to add it to the dashboard.

Step – 4:

Drag the sheet that has the button on the dashboard and place it properly.

Step – 5:

Now. Let’s add an Action on this button. So, open the Dashboard Action Dialogue box and do the following :

Now, when you will click on the Button on your Sales dashboard you will land to your KPI dashboard.