Start Jupyter Notebook on Anaconda Installation And How to Change its Default File Save Directory

If you want to run the code on Jupyter Notebook that comes by default with Anaconda Installation below are the 3 different ways to Open Jupyter Notebook

  1. Go To Anaconda Navigator and you can launch Jupyter Notebook from here

Click on Launch – Jupyter Notebook

This will open  – localhost:8888/tree  . Although the Jupyter notebook opens through Chrome or a web browser , the thing to note is this is running on localhost i.e. No Internet or wifi connection is required to run the Jupyter notebook and you can access all files on your system through jupyter notebook.  

  1. The second way to open Jupyter notebook is to search for Jupyter Notebook in your windows Search and click on Jupyter Notebook .

This will open up the Jupyter Notebook as earlier from the default location. Jupyter Notebook works on the concept of working directory i.e. from where you launch it , the File will get saved to that location. In order to save the files you work at custom location use the 3rd method as below to open the Jupyter notebook

  1. The third way to open Jupyter notebook is to search for Anaconda Prompt and click on it .

This will open the command line in the default directory path as below . Change the path in which you want to work  Like I want to save all my files in the folder 🡪 FilesForPython that I have created in the C: Drive . So I will do cd C:\FilesForPython and there after run the jupyter notebook command from here.

The command will launch the Jupyter Notebook and also whatever files you create now will get saved at this location.

So Now you have changed the Default location of Jupyter Notebook and whatever files you create will get saved in the New Location

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