Importance of Retrospective Meeting at the end of Sprint

Agile is a framework and every successful framework or for that matter any ecosystem needs to have provisions for self corrections and refinements.
Retrospective meeting provide a forum for the team to get together after the final demo is done to introspect and take the learning into the next sprint. Things that should be typically discussed are
– Did the team cover enough story points
– What could be done or changed in the next sprint so that the velocity of the sprint increases.
– Was there any instances of waiting that can be avoided.
–  What further details ‘Product Owner’ needs to publish upfront so that the time required for clarifications could be minimized.
Retrospective meeting are a great mechanism for Continuous improvement. In my personal experience as a scrum master there has been significant increase in sprint velocity from Sprint 1…. to Sprint n if the learning of the previous sprint are embedded in the future sprints. This is the Objective of a retrospective meeting.
Sprints are tight and the focus is always on accomplishments but remember that ‘final demo’ is not the end of sprint. I have seen many teams seem to close the sprint final doing the final demo. I have seen those teams make the same mistakes again and again. Hope after reading this blog you know when to close your next Sprint.