Blog : Standup Meeting in Agile Setup

‘Stand-up meetings are an important part of any agile execution. the main objective of a stand up meeting is to bring the team together so that their is a daily rhythm of collaboration between the various stakeholders.
Stand-up meetings does not mean that the team gathers and conducts this meeting standing up. Stand-up meetings can also be done ‘sitting together’ and discussing on the important issues of user stories committed for that particular sprint. it is not a drill but a discussion.
Scrum master is the facilitator of these stand-up meeting. His duty is to bring the Product Owner and the team together on the same platform; get the clarification required to close the user stories; clear the confusion if any any by constant dialogue. Stand-up meeting also is a stock taking of where the team stands in terms of delivering the things committed for a particular sprint.
Scrum Meetings are generally not more than 15 mins long. It is not a forum for detailed discussion and deep dive. It might capture the need for a deep dive discussion among few members but this need not be carried out in the stand-up as this might not be the best use of time for rest of the team members. The team must bring up all the direct and indirect bottlenecks at this forum and the scrum master should should ensure that either it gets resolved or actions followed to de-bottleneck them.
Running Successful Stand-up meeting requires quiet some traits and is the spinal cord for a successful Agile execution.
Are your running a successful stand-up ???