Tableau Interview Questions & Answers Series#1 – How To Create DoNut Chart in Tableau

Tableau Interview Questions & Answers for Latest Tableau Version in a Video Series

I Plan to publish important Tableau Interview Questions & Answers for Latest Tableau Version in a Video Series . This is the First of the Series i.e. Series#1-Create DoNut Chart with Table Calculations in Tableau where in I teach how to create a DoNut Chart . Remember to Subscribe to the channel and If you recently attended an interview and have a Question that you were not able to answer feel free to post it here and i will post a Video answer at the earliest.

If you go for a Tableau interview , in order to check whether your knowledge is more than the basic , they will ask you to create a Graph that is not present in the Show Me . Tableau has a unique learning curve and the interviewers know this. They know anyone can subscribe to some YouTube Channel or some Online Course and within Few hours , can show as if he knows about Tableau . But they these guys will fail miserably when they are presented with a Business Question and asked to use Tableau to answer them . So they need to confirm that they don’t hire the wrong guy.

I believe Anyone who has just started learning Tableau and is Bluffing around , the simplest way to find is , to ask him to create a Graph that is not present in the “Show Me” button.

There are different ways in which he will answer this question. He can say-

  1. No DoNut Chart is not present in Show Me so we can not create it .
  2. DoNut Chart is not recommended
  3. We can create Do Nut Chart but i don’t know
  4. We can not Create it
  5. Do Nut chart can be created using Marks Button and shape and size , but i need to explore…

Its not important whether he remembers the steps or not to create a DoNut chart , what is important is how he approaches the Question . A Few Hour learned person will either show to be over confident or say not doable. But what we are expecting here is whether he understands the Flexibility that Tableau provides. Whether he understands or not that just by using Different Marks Card, Different shapes , Colors you can create so many different visualization .

During this process we can even understand his maturity level on the below

  1. Data Connectivity ,
  2. Data Discovery ,
  3. Data Granularity ,
  4. Data Aggregation ,
  5. Database , Data Warehouse , Data Lake etc.

Giving us a Clear idea of whether the person should be selected in the interview or not .

If you want to work on Tableau and crack Tableau Interview and you are just starting up the first thing that you need to understand is – Tableau is not a very Simple Drag & Drop Tool . In the first few hours you may get an idea that anyone can start working on Tableau and just by some simple Drag & Drop everyone can create a Visualization . This is exactly what the company targets a Self Service Business Intelligence ( BI ) tool that everyone can use , but in order to reach that place you need to properly understand the Tableau architecture and how it works. So If you have just connected to a sample Data and used “show me” button to create some visualization and you are thinking You have learned Tableau , you need to get out of it. From that perspective it’s quite a Complex Tool with enormous potential.

How much You know Tableau surface up when you have a Data Set and you are connected to it and then your manager asks you to answer his Business Question. As we all know Data is the second most important thing in Data Analytics . The first and foremost is the Business Question. So when the business presents us with a Question , we have the Data with that insight and we are connected to it with our Favorite tool – Tableau – Whether we can answer that Question is the First thing and then the Second thing is How can we present that insight in the most Beautiful and Interactive way. Tableau empowers us with all these i.e. a Stunning Visualization , with Interactivity that can help the Leadership Team ( CEO , CIO , CTO ) to get answer to all their adhoc questions that come up during the Board meeting.

As an endeavor to help new and old participants to get the maximum benefit of Tableau as a BI tool i would be posting different Videos as an Interview Question and Answer Series and Help you to think Tableau from a Business perspective to get the valuable knowledge and actionable insight out of your raw data . I will also help you to Tame Your Tableau that is Tableau will help you answer your Question rather than making visualization on its own , which does not answer any of your questions or does not present you with the insight that you were actually looking for . Let’s get started on this Journey with Tableau and try to cover all the important Tableau Interview Question and Answers in the most interesting way . If you recently attended an interview and have a Question that you were not able to answer feel free to post it here.

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As a Use Case to understand Table Calculations in Tableau , Lets make a DoNut Chart in Tableau .

How To Create DoNut Chart and Show Table Calculations on top of it in Tableau

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