📌 The Last Two Needles 📌 – Read The Story To “Speak Up” at the Right Time !

There was a Prince who had 2 princesses   . He loved  both of them equally and was in Dilemma whom should he marry .He wanted to marry the one who loved him more . Days passed by and it was difficult for him to figure out as both of them displayed equal Love  .

One day while he was enjoying his Evening with both of them , a renowned saint came to his Door  steps . Since he was busy, he did not care for the Saint and ignored him . The saint got angry  and cursed him that he will get unconscious with millions of needles pierced into his body . The curse had immediate affect and the prince was lying on the floor with millions of needles in his body.

Realizing the situation Both the princess went on their knees and started asking for Forgiveness. The saint calmed down and he said “ If all the needles are taken out of the Prince’s Body , he will be back to normal” .

Now the FIRST Princess ( P1) had always lived a luxury life . On listening to Saint’s solution to bring prince alive , thought, This is not possible . This will take months time if someone works day and night . I neither have the patience nor the energy to do this . I am going to live my normal fun life . This is NOT WORTH THE EFFORT .

The Second Princess ( P2 ) really loved the Prince , she decided that she will take out all the Needles . So immediately she got into the work . Day And Night , Food And Hunger , nothing was considered. The focus was only on the Deliverable “How to Bring Back the prince Alive” and so she was only bothered about was to bring out all the Needles . Days passed to Weeks and Weeks to Months. Every day she congratulated herself to move thousand of steps closer to her destination. In a Few Months it looked like the project would soon be completed .

Then came the Final Day , Only few Hundred needles left . The project should get completed by End of Day . The Second Princess told herself the Prince will come Alive This day itself . There is no time to rest. So she continued to work on her Deliverable . And Finally Now the time has come . There were only Two Needles Left , One on both the Eyes. The Prince was going to be alive any other moment. The Princess Got up so that she can take out THE LAST TWO NEEDLES .

Now At that very moment ( The Exact Reasons are unknown ) , Either (1) She saw herself in the Mirror or (2) a Thought Came that she looks so Pathetic or (3) The first princess told her something …But she realized she should groom herself before the Prince comes to Life and see her , and so she decided to Quickly Go take a Bath , Clean herself well, wear beautiful clothes and then return back and meet her prince .

While the second princess was away getting ready for her love of life, The First Princess Came back and She Took out the Last 2 Needles from the Prince Eyes . The moment Needles came out , the Prince was Back Alive . He saw that the First Princess has taken out the Needle while the Second Princess was Taking Bath and Getting Ready . He immediately Decided and so He married the First Princess and Dumped the Second Princess.

Now Here are Few Questions for your Analysis (1) Does this mean One who is living a Life of Hardship will Continue Living the same ? (2) Does this mean one who is Enjoying Life will continue to Enjoy Life ? (3) Does this mean if you start a work you should leave only when you have finished it and Not leave the Last 2 needles for some one else ? (4) Does this mean that One who is not working has sufficient time to Plan so as to get the Best Outcome in his favor (5) Does this mean that Generally who is going to change your Life has his eyes closed till the end ? (6) Does this mean that the Princess 2 was a loser not because she was committed and hard working but because she lacked the ability to “Speak Up” at the right moment , (7) Any other Question that it can raise ? …….. Enjoy and Remember to Like and Comment Your Views 🙂 !!!